Karakterizacija recikliranog eksploziva i procena mogućnosti prerade

  title={Karakterizacija recikliranog eksploziva i procena mogu{\'c}nosti prerade},
  author={Mirjana Z. Dimic and Danica Simi{\'c} and Slavica Terzi{\'c} and Bojana Z. Fidanovski and Uro{\vs} Anđeli{\'c}},
In line with the trends of demilitarization of excess and obsolete ordnance and ammunition, which is ballast for every army and every state, there is a worldwide increasing development of recycling technologies that make possible to reuse different explosives, and also to reduce the needs for hazardous synthesis of these substances. The disposal of non-perspective ammunition and open field destruction of the warheads containing explosive often may be expensive and not an environment-friendly… CONTINUE READING

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