Kaon-Nucleon systems and their interactions in the Skyrme model

  title={Kaon-Nucleon systems and their interactions in the Skyrme model},
  author={Takashi Ezoe and Atsushi Hosaka},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study kaon-nucleon systems in the Skyrme model in a method based on the bound state approach of Callan-Klebanov but with the kaon around the physical nucleon of the rotating hedgehog. This corresponds to the variation after projection, reversing the order of semiclassical quantization of $1/N_c$ expansion. The method, however, is considered to be suited to the study of weakly interacting kaon-nucleon systems including loosely $\bar{K}N$ bound states such as $\Lambda(1405)$. We have found a… Expand
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