Kaon-Nucleon scattering states and potentials in the Skyrme model

  title={Kaon-Nucleon scattering states and potentials in the Skyrme model},
  author={Takashi Ezoe and Atsushi Hosaka},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We study the (anti)kaon nucleon interaction in the Skyrme model. The kaon field is introduced as a fluctuation around the rotating Skyrmion for the nucleon. As an extension of our previous work, we study scattering states and examine phase shifts in various kaon-nucleon channels. Then we study the interaction, where we find that it consists of central and spin-orbit components for isospin channels, $I = 0, 1$, with energy dependence and nonlocality. The interaction is then fitted to a Shr… 
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