Kalb–Ramond field localization on the Bloch brane

  title={Kalb–Ramond field localization on the Bloch brane},
  author={Wilami Teixeira da Cruz and R. V. Maluf and Carlos Alberto Santos Almeida},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
This work deals with new results on the Kalb–Ramond (KR) field localization in brane-world models. We consider a five-dimensional warped spacetime with an embedded 4D thick brane which is generated by two real scalar fields coupled with gravity (the so called Bloch brane). We find a KR field zero mode localized with the inclusion of the dilaton coupling. Analyzing the massive spectrum, we detected a series of resonant modes that arise from the solutions of the Schrödinger-like equation for KR… 

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