Kalapuya and Takelma

  title={Kalapuya and Takelma},
  author={M. Swadesh},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
  pages={237 - 240}
  • M. Swadesh
  • Published 1965
  • History
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
Kalapuya in the summer of 1953, in the course of a survey of Penutian languages. Notes on Santiam Kalapuya were taken in the field from Melville Jacobs' old informant, John Hudson, one of the last speakers of Kalapuya. Some materials on Yonkalla and Atfalati were copied from field notes of Jacobs, Angulo and Frachtenberg, conserved in the library of the University of Washington. The different forms of Kalapuya appear to be only mildly divergent, but sufficiently so to amount to different… Expand
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