Kaj Ulrik Linderstrøm-Lang, 1896-1959

  title={Kaj Ulrik Linderstr{\o}m-Lang, 1896-1959},
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  journal={Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society},
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Kaj Ulrik Linderstrøm-Lang was born on 29 November 1896 in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. His father, Carl Frederik Linderstrøm-Lang was a teacher of German and Latin at the Frederiksberg Gymnasium. The name of Linderstrøm came into this family from Lang’s grandmother, whose maiden name was Johanna Ulrika Linderstrøm. The mother, Ellen Hedvig Bach, came from a family with certain artistic inclinations, while many of Lang’s forefathers had devoted themselves to learned professions, chiefly as high… Expand
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  • Chemistry, Medicine
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  • 2002


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