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Kaizen in Logistics and Supply Chains

  title={Kaizen in Logistics and Supply Chains},
  author={Euclides A. Coimbra},
Part I: Introduction to Kaizen in Logistics and Supply Chains Ch 1: Total Flow Management: Kaizen and Pull Flow Ch 2: The No Kaizen, No Pull, No Flow: Life of Company A Ch 3: The Pulse of High Performance: Pull Logistic Loops & Customer Takt Part II: The Dynamics of the Total Flow Management Model Ch 4: Kaizen Reliability: Creating Change Capability / Basic Reliability Ch 5: Lean Production Flow: Introduction and Line Layout Design Introduction to Production Flow Line Layout and Design Ch 6… 
Green and Lean Activities of Vertically Integrated Links as a Way of Creating Smart Supply Networks
In the case of lean supply chains, the main aim is the reductions of costs. With regard to green supply chains, the needs of external stakeholders, including a silent stakeholder—the natural
Portfolio analysis of a Lean Six Sigma production process
The paper shows a measured procedure for the leanness of the production process based on a two-step portfolio analysis, consisting of a portfolio analysis of leanness for a production system and of a Lean Six Sigma process.
Melhorias no fluxo de material de uma secção de produção com o modelo TFM
Nowadays, companies find themselves in highly competitive markets with increasingly demanding customers. The need to make business processes more efficient with minimal waste is an increasing
The application of 'just in time' to reverse logistics to increase network efficiencies and sustainability factors: A feasibility study from the UK multiple retail sector.
The purpose of this research is to assess the the operational feasibility of applying just in time (JIT) practices to a United Kingdom (UK) multiple retailers’ reverse logistics (RL) function for
Just in time implementation issues in Indian Corrugated Packaging Industries an empirical study in natioanl capital region (NCR)
Just in time is an advanced manufacturing philosophy, which is practiced all over the world by organizations to achieve excellence in their performance. As most of the Original Equipment
Modelling and Optimization of Organization of Workplaces in a Foundry
The paper presents a practical example of improvement of foundry production systems in terms of post-finishing of nodular iron castings produced in the conditions of bulk production for automotive
Improving Quality and Occupational Safety on Automated Casting Lines
The paper presents a practical example of improving quality and occupational safety on automated casting lines. Working conditions on the line of box moulding with horizontal mould split were
Accounts Receivable Management – Important Task under Conditions of Globalization
Accounts receivable management is the important task under conditions of globalization, having in mind that the contemporary world is characterized by frequent business changes, uncertainty and