Kainic-acid-induced seizures: a developmental study.


Developmental dose-response curves for kainic-acid-induced seizures were generated in rats. Rats at 15-18 days (pups), 33-37 days ( pubescents ) and over 90 days (adults) were administered kainic acid intraperitoneally. Seizures were elicited in all 3 age groups, but some of the behavioral manifestations differed in the pups. This group also had the lowest… (More)


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@article{Albala1984KainicacidinducedSA, title={Kainic-acid-induced seizures: a developmental study.}, author={Bruce J. Albala and Solomon L Mosh{\'e} and Rei Okada}, journal={Brain research}, year={1984}, volume={315 1}, pages={139-48} }