Ka-band direct digital receiver using 0.25 /spl mu/m GaAs PHEMTs

  title={Ka-band direct digital receiver using 0.25 /spl mu/m GaAs PHEMTs},
  author={S. Ovidiu Tatu and Emilia Moldovan and Gunnar Brehm and Ke Wu and Renato G. Bosisio},
  journal={2002 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium. Digest of Papers (Cat. No.02CH37280)},
A new direct conversion wideband (26 GHz - 28.5 GHz) six-port millimeter wave receiver using MMIC technology is proposed to meet the needs of mass-market wireless communications. This six-port receiver is designed to operate without the need for precise power reading and the use of digital signal processor (DSP) that is usually required in other receivers. The proposed receiver architecture is chosen to satisfy requirements of hardware receiver used in QPSK communications. The receiver contains… CONTINUE READING