KMS states on the C*-algebra of a higher-rank graph and periodicity in the path space

  title={KMS states on the C*-algebra of a higher-rank graph and periodicity in the path space},
  author={Astrid an Huef and Marcelo Laca and Iain Raeburn and Aidan Sims},
  journal={Journal of Functional Analysis},

C*-algebras of self-similar actions of groupoids on higher-rank graphs and their equilibrium states.

We introduce the notion of a self-similar action of a groupoid G on a finite higher-rank graph. To these actions we associate a compactly aligned product system of Hilbert bimodules, and we show that

A program for finding all KMS states on the Toeplitz algebra of a higher-rank graph

The Toeplitz algebra of a finite graph of rank k carries a natural action of the torus Tk, and composing with an embedding of R in Tk gives a dynamics on the Toeplitz algebra. In this paper we

Perron-Frobenius theory and KMS states on higher-rank graph C*-Algebras

In this thesis, we study the Perron-Frobenius theory for irreducible matrices and irreducible family of commuting matrices in detail. We then apply it to study the KMS states of the C∗-algebras of

Twisted k-Graph Algebras Associated to Bratteli Diagrams

Given a system of coverings of k-graphs, we show that the second cohomology of the resulting (k + 1)-graph is isomorphic to that of any one of the k-graphs in the system, and compute the semifinite

Von Neumann algebras of strongly connected higher-rank graphs

We investigate the factor types of the extremal KMS states for the preferred dynamics on the Toeplitz algebra and the Cuntz–Krieger algebra of a strongly connected finite $$k$$k-graph. For inverse

KMS states on the C*-algebras of Fell bundles over groupoids

  • Zahra AfsarA. Sims
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 2019
Abstract We consider fibrewise singly generated Fell bundles over étale groupoids. Given a continuous real-valued 1-cocycle on the groupoid, there is a natural dynamics on the cross-sectional algebra

Preferred traces on C⁎-algebras of self-similar groupoids arising as fixed points

Irreducibility and monicity for representations of $k$-graph $C^*$-algebras

The representations of a k-graph C∗-algebra C∗(Λ) which arise from Λ-semibranching function systems are closely linked to the dynamics of the k-graph Λ. In this paper, we undertake a systematic

Representations of higher-rank graph C⁎-algebras associated to Λ-semibranching function systems




KMS states on the C*-algebras of reducible graphs

We consider the dynamics on the C*-algebras of finite graphs obtained by lifting the gauge action to an action of the real line. Enomoto, Fujii and Watatani proved that if the vertex matrix of the

KMS states on C⁎-algebras associated to higher-rank graphs☆

Factoriality and Type Classification of k-Graph von Neumann Algebras

  • Dilian Yang
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society
  • 2016
Abstract Let be a single vertex k-graph and let be the von Neumann algebra induced from the Gelfand–Naimark–Segal (GNS) representation of a distinguished state ω of its k-graph C*-algebra . In this

A family of 2-graphs arising from two-dimensional subshifts

Abstract Higher-rank graphs (or k-graphs) were introduced by Kumjian and Pask to provide combinatorial models for the higher-rank Cuntz–Krieger C*-algebras of Robertson and Steger. Here we consider a

KMS states on finite-graph C*-algebras

We study KMS states on finite-graph C*-algebras with sinks and sources. We compare finite-graph C*-algebras with C*-algebras associated with complex dynamical systems of rational functions. We show

Type III von Neumann algebras associated with 2‐graphs

Let 픽θ+ be a 2‐graph, where θ is a permutation encoding the factorization property in the 2‐graph, and ω be a distinguished faithful state associated with its graph C*‐algebra. In this paper, we

On higher rank graph C ∗ -algebras

Given a row-finite k-graph Λ with no sources we investigate the K-theory of the higher rank graph C *-algebra, C * (Λ). When k = 2 we are able to give explicit formulae to calculate the K-groups of C

Actions of Z^k associated to higher rank graphs

An action of Z k is associated to a higher rank graph Λ satisfying a mild assumption. This generalizes the construction of a topological Markov shift arising from a non-negative integer matrix. We