KMS States on Generalised Bunce–Deddens Algebras and their Toeplitz Extensions

  title={KMS States on Generalised Bunce–Deddens Algebras and their Toeplitz Extensions},
  author={David Robertson and James Rout and Aidan Sims},
  journal={Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society},
We study the generalised Bunce–Deddens algebras and their Toeplitz extensions constructed by Kribs and Solel from a directed graph and a sequence $$\omega $$ω of positive integers. We describe both of these $$C^*$$C∗-algebras in terms of novel universal properties, and prove uniqueness theorems for them; if $$\omega $$ω determines an infinite supernatural number, then no aperiodicity hypothesis is needed in our uniqueness theorem for the generalised Bunce–Deddens algebra. We calculate the KMS… 

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