KLA: A new algorithmic paradigm for parallel graph computations

  title={KLA: A new algorithmic paradigm for parallel graph computations},
  author={Harshvardhan and Adam Fidel and Nancy M. Amato and Lawrence Rauchwerger},
  journal={2014 23rd International Conference on Parallel Architecture and Compilation (PACT)},
This paper proposes a new algorithmic paradigm - k-level asynchronous (KLA) - that bridges level-synchronous and asynchronous paradigms for processing graphs. The KLA paradigm enables the level of asynchrony in parallel graph algorithms to be parametrically varied from none (level-synchronous) to full (asynchronous). The motivation is to improve execution times through an appropriate trade-off between the use of fewer, but more expensive global synchronizations, as in level-synchronous… CONTINUE READING
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