KKH 22, the first dwarf spheroidal satellite of IC 342

  title={KKH 22, the first dwarf spheroidal satellite of IC 342},
  author={Igor D. Karachentsev and Lidia Makarova and R. Brent Tully and Gagandeep S. Anand and Luca Rizzi and Edward J. Shaya and Viktor L. Afanasiev},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Aims. We present observations with the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble Space Telescope of the nearby dwarf spheroidal galaxy KKH 22 = LEDA 2807114 in the vicinity of the massive spiral galaxy IC 342. Methods. We derived its distance of 3.12 ± 0.19 Mpc using the tip of red giant branch (TRGB) method. We also used the 6 m BTA spectroscopy to measure a heliocentric radial velocity of the globular cluster in KKH 22 to be +30 ± 10 km s−1. Results. The dSph galaxy KKH 22 has the V-band… 

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