KIC 8462852 Brightness Pattern Repeating Every 1600 Days

  title={KIC 8462852 Brightness Pattern Repeating Every 1600 Days},
  author={B. Gary and R. Bourne},
  journal={arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics},
  • B. Gary, R. Bourne
  • Published 2017
  • Physics, Geology
  • arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics
Observations of KIC 8462852 (aka Boyajian's Star) reveal a yearlong fade pattern that is remarkably similar to the fade pattern derived from Kepler mission observations. The ground-based observations reported here can be described as a gradual fade that ended in late 2016 with the beginning of a yearlong U-shaped fade of 1.1 percent. Near the end of this U-shaped fade a series of very brief dips occurred. The Kepler data exhibit a similar pattern 1600 days earlier, except with an abrupt end of… Expand