KDE Bioscience: Platform for bioinformatics analysis workflows


Bioinformatics is a dynamic research area in which a large number of algorithms and programs have been developed rapidly and independently without much consideration so far of the need for standardization. The lack of such common standards combined with unfriendly interfaces make it difficult for biologists to learn how to use these tools and to translate… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.jbi.2005.09.001


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@article{Lu2006KDEBP, title={KDE Bioscience: Platform for bioinformatics analysis workflows}, author={Qiang Lu and Pei Hao and Vasa Curcin and Wei-Zhong He and Yuan-Yuan Li and Qing-ming Luo and Yike Guo and Yixue Li}, journal={Journal of biomedical informatics}, year={2006}, volume={39 4}, pages={440-50} }