KBOO Community Radio: Organizing Portland's Disorderly Possibilities

  title={KBOO Community Radio: Organizing Portland's Disorderly Possibilities},
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Across the radio spectrum, there are relatively few stations in the United States that concentrate on community building and sustainability. One of the country's early community radio stations, KBOO-FM in Portland, Oregon, has been on the air since 1968 and has significantly expanded its signal reach and audience during that time. Preceding National Public Radio, KBOO is the outcome of a Portland grassroots activist movement that initially sought to restore classical music on the local airwaves… 
Community Radio in Ireland: “Defeudalising” the Public Sphere?
Abstract The growth in interest and research in community radio worldwide over the last few decades is a welcome development. While, as noted by Jankowski (2003), a first generation of research has
Community radio, democratic participation and the public sphere
Community radio is unique when compared to its commercial and public service counterparts in that, as a non-profit activity, it is owned, managed and controlled by local communities, In theory
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Community media organisations are famously difficult to define, as this media field is highly elusive and diverse, even if there is a certain degree of consensus about a series of basic
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Interest, Convenience, or Necessity? An Experimental Study of Listener Responses to Localism in Radio Programming and Ownership
s International, 55, 1132. Reed, M. & Hanson, R. (2006). Back to the future: Allegheny Mountain Radio and localism in West Virginia community radio. Journal of Radio Studies, 13(2), 214-231.
“Openness through Sound”: Dualcasting on Irish LGBT Radio
This article explores how Ireland’s first LGBT radio station, Open FM, attempted to offer LGBT radio in a heteronormative media landscape. It uses semi-structured interviews with two of the stations


Public Radio and Television in America: A Political History
Introduction The Politics of Public Radio and Television PART ONE: PROLOGUE, 1914-1945 The Public Origins of American Broadcasting The Defeat of the Broadcast Reform Movement of the 1930s PART TWO:
The Invisible Medium: Public, Commercial and Community Radio
Founding Myths - 'Get Another Electrician': The Making of Radio - Free As Air: The American Commercial Model - 'They Know They Can Trust Us': The BBC Public Service Model - 'Turning in his Grave':
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An analysis of mainstream media and community radio in the United States and Canada. The author argues that access to media and the equitable distribution of information resources are the major
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  • In Bjitter des Hessischen Landestheaters. Darmstadt, 16. Retrieved April
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