K-NN Decomposition Artificial Neural Network Models for Global Solar

  title={K-NN Decomposition Artificial Neural Network Models for Global Solar},
  author={Chao Rong Chen},
  journal={International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering},
  • C. Chen
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering
This paper proposes a novel methodology for forecasting of one hourly global solar irradiance (GSI). This methodology is a combination of k-NN decompotition method and artificial neural network (ANN) algorithm modelling. The k-NN Decomposition-ANN method is designed to forecast GSI for 60 min ahead based on meteorology data for the target PV station which position is surrounded by eight other adjacent PV stations. The novelty of this method is taking into account the meteorology data. A set of… 


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