Künstliche Niere mit Kapillarsystem für den Stoffaustausch

  title={K{\"u}nstliche Niere mit Kapillarsystem f{\"u}r den Stoffaustausch},
  author={Werner Kuhn and H. Majer and Hannele Heusser and B. Zen Ruffinen},
A particularly efficient removal of urea and similar substances by dialysis in an artificial kidney is obtained if both blood and dialyzing liquid are allowed to flow in countercurrent through channels a few hundredths of a mm thick and separated from each other by a membrane about 1/100 of a mm thick. In order practically to realize the flow required, about two thousand of these narrow channels, each of a length of about 2 cm, are arranged parallel to form a capillary net system. Four elements… CONTINUE READING