Köpek ve Diğer Bazı Hayvanların Öldürülmesine Cevaz Veren Hadislerin Değerlendirmesi

  title={K{\"o}pek ve Diğer Bazı Hayvanların {\"O}ld{\"u}r{\"u}lmesine Cevaz Veren Hadislerin Değerlendirmesi},
  author={Harun Reşit Demirel},
Lots of living or lifeless existences are mentioned in the Qoran. Some of them are mentioned more than twice and some of the names of the surahs of Qoran are animal names, like cow, bee etc. These surahs have been named like this because of their contents. The focus of our study is on the idea that some animals could be killed like dogs and the other animals. First the approach of the Qoran towards animals which are regarded to be killed according to hadiths will be studied. Then the situations…