Juvenile cellulitis in dogs: 15 cases (1979-1988).

  title={Juvenile cellulitis in dogs: 15 cases (1979-1988).},
  author={Stephen D White and Rodney A W Rosychuk and Lorna J Stewart and L Cape and Betsy J. Hughes},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={195 11},
The records of 15 dogs diagnosed as having juvenile cellulitis (juvenile pyoderma, puppy strangles) were evaluated for clinical, laboratory, and therapeutic results. Mandibular lymphadenopathy was observed in 14 dogs, and was not associated with skin lesions in 5 dogs. Edema, pustules, papules, or crusts were noticed periorally, periocularly, on the chin or muzzle, or in the ears of those dogs with skin lesions. Eight dogs were lethargic; fever and anorexia were inconsistent findings. Four dogs… CONTINUE READING