Juvenile-adult distribution of the bivalve Mya arenaria on intertidal flats in the Wadden Sea: why are there so few year classes?

  title={Juvenile-adult distribution of the bivalve Mya arenaria on intertidal flats in the Wadden Sea: why are there so few year classes?},
  author={Matthias Strasser and M. Walensky and Karsten Reise},
  journal={Helgoland Marine Research},
Patchy distribution is frequently observed in benthic marine invertebrates. In order to indentify factors causing spatial patterns in the bivalve Mya arenaria, abundances of juveniles and adults, as well as death assemblages, were recorded on a 20-km scale in the intertidal zone of the Sylt-Rømø Bight. Both adults and juveniles exhibited pronounced patchiness. Shell length of juveniles rarely exceeded 2 mm in 1995, which was most likely a consequence of epibenthic predators truncating the size… CONTINUE READING
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