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Justice within a life

  title={Justice within a life},
  author={Joseph Mendola},
  journal={American Philosophical Quarterly},
  • J. Mendola
  • Published 2004
  • Economics
  • American Philosophical Quarterly
Prudence--the maximization of one’s own welfare irrespective of temporal propinquity--seems to many obviously rational. Special, controversial, and often difficult argument seems necessary to show that an equivalent concern with the welfare of others is rational. But Henry Sidgwick asked an important question about this distribution of the burden of proof: I do not see why the axiom of Prudence should not be questioned, when it conflicts with present inclination, on a ground similar to that on… 
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Prudence, Commitments and Intertemporal Conflicts
Typical justifications of prudence are based on the fact that we are temporally extended agents who remain numerically identical over time. After showing that prudential considerations should instead


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The Methods of Ethics
The paper begins with an account of the intellectual background to Henry Sidgwick’s writing of his Methods of Ethics and an analysis of what Sidgwick meant by a ‘method’. His broad distinction
Killing, letting die, and simple conflicts.
  • H. Malm
  • Philosophy, Psychology
    Philosophy & public affairs
  • 1989
In cases of simple conflict, the acts of killing and letting die are morally different, and that killing is not in itself worse than letting die, but simple conflict cases do not require us to recognize a morally significant difference between acting and refraining.
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It is consistently observed that participants neglected duration in judging the global quality of life, and embedding moderately intense years in the middle of life did not produce effects as strong as adding those years to the end of life.
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Subjects were exposed to two aversive experiences: in the short trial, they immersed one hand in water at 14 °C for 60 s; in the long trial, they immersed the other hand at 14 °C for 60 s, then kept
Duration neglect in retrospective evaluations of affective episodes.
Benefits of film duration on retrospective evaluations were small, entirely explained by changes in real-time affect and further reduced when made from memory, as if duration did not matter.
For something like this proposal see Thomas L. Carson, Value and the Good Life
  • For something like this proposal see Thomas L. Carson, Value and the Good Life
  • 2000