Justice in Prague, Political and Poetic: Some Reflections on the Slansky Trial (with Constant Reference to Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera)

  title={Justice in Prague, Political and Poetic: Some Reflections on the Slansky Trial (with Constant Reference to Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera)},
  author={P. Steiner},
  journal={Poetics Today},
  pages={654 - 679}
This article deals with the proceedings against the general secretary of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, Rudolf Slánsky, and thirteen other high officials. The most striking feature of confessional trials such as his is the lack of any manifest culpability for gross miscarriages of justice. To explain the phenomenon, this essay draws an analogy to poetic techniques that inform Franz Kafka's universe of discourse (prolepsis, actualization of figures of speech, illocutions lacking conventional… Expand
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