Just what is it that makes today's noise music so different, so appealing?1

  title={Just what is it that makes today's noise music so different, so appealing?1},
  author={Paul Hegarty},
  journal={Organised Sound},
  pages={13 - 20}
  • P. Hegarty
  • Published 29 February 2008
  • Art
  • Organised Sound
Abstract This article explores how ‘noise music’ uses its influences, how it refers to them, and what occurs formally, when using influence self-consciously and formally. Specifically, it takes two artists, Nurse With Wound and The New Blockaders, that emerged at the same time as ‘industrial music’, and through different strategies, incorporated visual art influences into their work, to the point where influence as question is raised. Referring to Harold Bloom, the article notes that influence… 
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Terms of use : Click here Sound-based Brutalism : An emergent aesthetic
Organised Sound / Volume 21 / Special Issue 01 / April 2016, pp 51 60 DOI: 10.1017/S1355771815000370, Published online: 03 March 2016 Link to this article:
The article takes the perspectives of an electro-acoustic musician and an auditory psychologist to consider detection of localization and movement of low frequency sounds in reverberant performance
Productive parasites thinking of noise as affect
Drawing from Michel Serres’ notion of the parasite, this article provides a nuanced explanation for noise that distinguishes itself from prevailing negative narratives, which often seek to define
Studio Bench : the DIY nomad and noise selector
ii Acknowledgements iii DIY Nomad and Noise Selector’s Discography vii List of Figures viii


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Plût au ciel que le lecteur, enhardi et devenu momentanément féroce comme ce qu’ il lit, trouve, sans se désorienter, son chemin abrupt et sauvage, à travers les marécages désolés de ces pages
A la recherche d'une musique concrète
The New Blockaders/The Haters
  • Zero is the Journey. PsychForm Records
  • 2004
Parallèles. Alga Marghen
  • 2001