Just the fax, please: Updating electronic/hybrid methods for surveying pharmacists.

  title={Just the fax, please: Updating electronic/hybrid methods for surveying pharmacists.},
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"The gatekeepers in prevention": Community pharmacist perceptions of their role in the opioid epidemic.
Pharmacists believe they have a vital role in combatting opioid misuse and overdose but are hampered by structural aspects of pharmacy practice and lack of recognition of their role.
Feasibility and acceptability of a proposed pharmacy-based harm reduction intervention to reduce opioid overdose, HIV and hepatitis C
An implementation trial of a modified version of PharmNet is likely feasible; yet will be challenged by structural pressures particularly in chain pharmacies.


Why do people participate in Web surveys? Applying survey participation theory to Internet survey data collection
In recent years Web surveys have emerged as the most popular mode of primary data collection in market and social research. To improve our understanding about the influence of different
Response Rates, Nonresponse Bias, and Data QualityResults from a National Survey of Senior Healthcare Leaders
A high-response-rate survey of healthcare leaders to assess nonresponse bias across successive waves was used, and there were no significant differences between responses to two factual report questions or the single- or multi-item scale measures of attitudes.
Gauging the Impact of Growing Nonresponse on Estimates from a National RDD Telephone Survey
Declining contact and cooperation rates in random digit dial (RDD) national telephone surveys raise serious concerns about the validity of estimates drawn from such research. While research in the
Community pharmacists: members or bystanders of the primary care multidisciplinary team?
This study investigated who community pharmacists (CPs), general practitioners (GPs) and practice nurses (PNs) included in their multidisciplinary team (MDT), whether they felt part of the MDT,
Risks and rewards of using prepaid vs. postpaid incentive checks on a survey of physicians
The results of this study suggest that the rewards of offering physicians a prepaid incentive check outweigh the possible risks of nonresponders cashing the check.
Enhancing Surveys of Health Care Professionals
A multilevel meta-regression analysis was conducted to summarize the effects of different strategies employed in surveys of health professionals, finding the mail survey mode was more effective in improving RR, compared to the online or web survey mode.