Just-in-time (JIT) production and process unreliability


The effects of process unreliab{,l,~ty on the performance of a simulation mode~ of a Just-in-Time Production and Manufacturing System (J!TMPS) is investigated. In a multi-component-fabrication and product-assembly environment, a relatively lowe~ ]~e~e~ of fabrication process unreliability results in a pronou~ced level of lowered sy~e~ utilization. Work-in-Process inventory-induced gains in p~o.d~tion rates in ~he: JI~PS a~re ~tas si~mi~_~a~ a~ ma~ee~~.is-io~ed ~ i~ ~r~dit/uD~al prod~cti~ systems that es~em~-~e~ra~e~der "~as~ INTRODUCTION The o~erational objective of the Just-in-Time M~£ac~[i~ a~ Pr~l~ction System [3~T~P~] ! ~s to pr~d~c~ the k~d of units n~ee~ed, at the ti~e needed [i.e. Hu:st-in-Time (JIT)], and in the quantities needed. This production system is d%ep~ Kooted' i~ Western concepts of quality improvement technique~ ~ra~n and Denning USA) and in systems-based (Group TechnoIogy) rat~o.al~zation of batch prod~ction--cellular manufacturing (most notably: Kaling Sweden, Mirofanov USS~ and, O~itz Germany). ~he ~ITMPS employs the "PuIl System" of prod~ctiom contr~I that ~as i~%egzated ~mporta~ functions of the production control system with that of the manufacturing system. Quality control, inventory control and short-%~r~ production control have traditionally been staff functio,s. F~K the J[TMP$, these are new line functions. The pned~t~ worker's ~ob is enlarged to include respons~bil%ty for ~roduct quality assurance. The line foreman's ~ob ~s emIar~ed to include inve~tor~ cmntrol and short-term production pl~ning a~ c~erol. The JITMPS management approach and the cellular structure of ~ts manufacturing systems haue generated new forms of worker organization, such as "Quality Circles" that have led tD~ inm~vations in product design, machine design e~ q~sality improvements [5]. AnnualSimulation Symposinm/~

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