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Just and Unjust Wars

  title={Just and Unjust Wars},
  author={Michael Walzer},
Just and Unjust Killing
Abstract To provide a way to understand warfare and debate military conduct, Michael Walzer's Just and Unjust Wars tries to show that civilians and soldiers are not separated by a barrier of
Soldiering, Morality and Criminality in an Unjust War
  • Law, Political Science
  • 2022
Is a soldier who fights justly a moral criminal for fighting in a war that is either illegal or unjust? This question is at the centre of a new debate that pits a widely held and legally embedded
Toward a Collectivist National Defense
Most philosophers writing on the ethics of war endorse “reductivist individualism,” a view that holds both that killing in war is subject to the very same principles of ordinary morality
Witnessing the protection racket: Rethinking justice in/of wars through gender lenses
Using as a starting point both feminist critiques of just war theorizing and feminist reconstructions of traditional theoretical approaches to the concept, causes and consequences of war(s), this
Resumen en: This article attempts to offer an alternative interpretation of Francisco de Vitoria’s international thought. Much of the literature on his De Indis (153...
Rights, Liability, and the Moral Equality of Combatants
According to the dominant position in the just war tradition from Augustine to Anscombe and beyond, there is no “moral equality of combatants.” That is, on the traditional view the combatants
The state, human rights and the ethics of war termination: what should a just peace look like? A critical appraisal
The concept of jus post bellum deals with moral considerations in the aftermath of conflict and is concerned with how a just peace should look like. This paper analyses the concept of jus post bellum
The Moralities of Obligation and Aspiration: Towards a Concept of Exemplary Military Ethics and Leadership
A fundamental tension in military ethics is not just how to prevent unethical behavior, but also how to inspire supererogatory conduct “above and beyond the call of duty.” In this article, we provide