Jupiter, a new Drosophila protein associated with microtubules.

  title={Jupiter, a new Drosophila protein associated with microtubules.},
  author={N. A. Karpova and Yves Bobinnec and Sylvaine Fouix and Philippe Huitorel and Alain Debec},
  journal={Cell motility and the cytoskeleton},
  volume={63 5},
In this study we describe a novel Drosophila protein Jupiter, which shares properties with several structural microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) including TAU, MAP2, MAP4. Jupiter is a soluble unfolded molecule with the high net positive charge, rich in Glycine. It possesses two degenerated repeats around the sequence PPGG, separated by a Serine-rich region. Jupiter associates with microtubules in vitro and, fused with the green fluorescent protein (GFP), is an excellent marker to follow… CONTINUE READING


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