Jumonji domain containing 1A is a novel prognostic marker for colorectal cancer: in vivo identification from hypoxic tumor cells.

  title={Jumonji domain containing 1A is a novel prognostic marker for colorectal cancer: in vivo identification from hypoxic tumor cells.},
  author={Mamoru Uemura and Hirofumi Yamamoto and Ichiro Takemasa and Koshi Mimori and Hideyuki Hemmi and Tsunekazu Mizushima and Masataka Ikeda and Mitsugu Sekimoto and Nariaki Matsuura and Yuichiro Doki and Masaki Mori},
  journal={Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research},
  volume={16 18},
PURPOSE This study aimed to identify novel hypoxia-inducible and prognostic markers in vivo from hypoxic tumor cells. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Using carbonic anhydrase 9 and CD34 as a guide for hypoxic tumor cells, laser capture microdissection was used to isolate colorectal cancer (CRC) liver metastases. The samples were analyzed by microarray analysis, in parallel with five CRC cell lines cultured under hypoxic conditions. To evaluate the prognostic impact of the expression of certain genes… CONTINUE READING
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