Julius Nyerere the ethical foundation of his legacy

  title={Julius Nyerere the ethical foundation of his legacy},
  author={Cranford Pratt},
  journal={The Round Table},
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Julius Nyerere, Tanzania’s first president from 1964 to 1985, died in 1999 amid many international expressions of respect and affection. While many Western commentators concluded that Nyerere’s socialist policies served his people badly, Tanzanians regarded him as a leader of integrity who was profoundly committed to their welfare. While many policy initiatives failed, they rested on a more insightful ethical foundation and understanding of the crisis facing Tanzania than anything offered by… 

The poetry of an orphaned nation: newspaper poetry and the death of Nyerere

This article takes as its starting point readership poetry published in newspapers following the death of Julius Nyerere in October 1999, taking these as an incidence in which popular literature can

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Vertical Axis Wind Turbines : A Mechanical Design Project and a Feasibility Study for Microgrids in Tanzania

Detta arbete behandlar vindkraft med vertikal axel, att anvandas utanfor ordinarie elnat, framst i byar och smaforetag pa landsbygden i utvecklingslander. Tva fristaende projekt ingar. Det forsta h



Tanzania's Ujamaa Villages: The Im pl em ent ati on of a R ural D evel opm ent S tra tegy, Berkel ey Insti tu te of International Studies

  • There is a remarkably extensive literature on Tanzania's socialist initiatives. It includes
  • 1972

to offer an explanation along these lines of why he felt obliged on occasion to sign preventive detention orders. The text is presented in full in his book Freedom and Unity

    Quoted in Pratt, The Critical Phase

      Socialism and rural development', reprinted in his book Freedom and Socialism