Julia Margaret Cameron's Women (review)

  title={Julia Margaret Cameron's Women (review)},
  author={Alison Devine Nordstrom},
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Representing melancholy : figurative art and feminism

Re-presentations of women's melancholic subjectivity by women figurative artists from different historical moments, canonical images of melancholy and theoretical accounts of melancholy are brought

FEDERICI “ TRUTH ! TRUTH ! TRUTH ! ” Image and Text , Fact and Fiction in Virginia Woolf ’ s

The use of photographic “evidence” was of particular interest to Virginia Woolf and it is well known that she included photographs in her real (though unconventional), as well as fictional

The politics of partnership : Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, 1912-1961

This thesis analyses the relationship of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, artists that were central to the visual culture of the Bloomsbury group. The title of this project positions ‘partnership’ as a

The Jesus project : an artistic definition of the sacred feminine

The Jesus Project: an Artistic Definition of the Sacred Feminine.