Julia Kristeva, interviews

  title={Julia Kristeva, interviews},
  author={Julia Kristeva and Ross Guberman},
A collection of twenty-two interviews and one personal essay, Julia Kristeva Interviews presents an intimate and accessible portrait of one of France's most important critical thinkers and intellectual personalities. 
Julia Kristeva’s ‘Mystery’ of the Subject in Process
So begins Possessions, a mystery novel from French poststructuralist philosopher and psychoanalyst, Julia Kristeva. A novel, this novel, is “autobiographical” (Kristeva, 1996a, p. 270), not only
The Literary Text as Talking Cure: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Restlessness
This essay relies on the psychoanalytic literary theories of Peter Brooks and Julia Kristeva to examine the transferential relationship between the analysand-narrator and the analyst-narratee in the
The 'Maternal' Feminist: Exploring The Primal in Women's Art
This paper explores women's art that interrogates the logic intrinsic to a powerful concept of maternal caring evident in Marian iconography. While conventional portrayals of women in the history of
A Pre-symbolic Struggle: Pearl’s Subject-construction in The Scarlet Letter
Being identified with the imaginary father to separate from the abject mother, Pearl in The Scarlet Letter is finally able to construct her subject. This paper takes an excursion into Kristevan
Julia Kristeva, ‘woman’s primary homosexuality’ and homophobia
This article offers a critical reading of what Julia Kristeva calls ‘woman’s primary homosexuality’ and discusses homophobia in Kristeva’s work. If we are to draw conclusions on the merits and
The Call From the Stranger on a Journey Home: Curriculum as Creative Transformation of Selfhood.
Both utilizing and problematizing the notions of stranger, home, journey, and self through cross-cultural inquiry, gender analysis, psychoanalysis, and autobiography, this study attempts to draw a
The Challenge of Love: Kristeva and Irigaray
This investigation of the religious implications of the work of Luce Irigaray and Julia Kristeva presents a number of basic ideas concerning their evaluations of the nature of God in patriarchal
The Forgetfulness of Julia Kristeva: Psychoanalysis, Marxism and the Taboo of the Mother
Julia Kristeva is known both for her reinterpretations of psychoanalysis and her regular engagements with the Bible. What is less known is her earlier interaction with Marxist analysis, even though
The Journey from Compliancy to Intimate Revolt: A Kristevan Reading of Sam Shepard’s Three Major Plays
The study intends to examine three major plays of Sam Shepard – True West , Fool for Love , and A Lie of the Mind – to explore the underlying reasons for the characters’ social transgression in the
Subjectivity in the work of Julia Kristeva : the crisis of identity in contemporary society
Thesis presented for the degree of PhD, Year 2003 Author: Sylvie Andrea Gambaudo Thesis Title: Subjectivity in the Work of Julia Kristeva: The Crisis of Identity in Contemporary Society This thesis