Jugular tubercle: Morphometric analysis and surgical significance.

  title={Jugular tubercle: Morphometric analysis and surgical significance.},
  author={Apostolos Mintelis and Tetsuro Sameshima and Ketan R. Bulsara and Lindsey Gray and Allan H. Friedman and Takanori Fukushima},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={105 5},
OBJECT Maximizing intradural exposure via the extreme lateral infrajugular transcondylar-transtubercular exposure (ELITE) approach depends on understanding the fundamental anatomy of the jugular tubercle (JT). Drilling the JT can maximize the extent of exposure achieved with the ELITE approach. Removing the JT is critical for optimizing access to the inferior and midclival areas, vertebrobasilar artery junction, and ventral pons and medulla. METHODS In this cadaveric study, the individual… CONTINUE READING