Judging Gender From Samples of Adult Handwriting: Accuracy and Use of Cues

  title={Judging Gender From Samples of Adult Handwriting: Accuracy and Use of Cues},
  author={Vivien Burr},
  journal={The Journal of Social Psychology},
  pages={691 - 700}
  • Vivien Burr
  • Published 2002
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Social Psychology
Abstract In 2 experiments, participants judged 2 samples of adult handwriting for gender of writer; their accuracy was significantly better than chance and improved with practice. In a 3rd experiment, participants who were not cued for gender of writer judged coded male and female scripts to be significantly different with respect to features such as carefulness, neatness, regularity, and apparent speed of execution. The participants cued for gender of writer on the basis of their judgments on… Expand
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Women who did choose to embellish their signatures with multiple exclamation points and underlinings had significantly higher narcissism scores than women who did not, and men added significantly fewer embellishments to their signatures than women, and their embellishes did not appear to be related to their narcissism Scores. Expand
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