Ju n 20 06 Wall laws for fluid flows at a boundary with random roughness

  title={Ju n 20 06 Wall laws for fluid flows at a boundary with random roughness},
  author={Basson and G{\'e}rard-Varet},
  • Basson, Gérard-Varet
  • Published 2008
The general concern of this paper is the effect of rough boundaries on fluids. We consider a stationary flow, governed by incompressible Navier-Stokes equations, in an infinite domain bounded by two horizontal rough plates. The roughness is modeled by a spatially homogeneous random field, with characteristic size ε. A mathematical analysis of the flow for small ε is performed. The Navier's wall law is rigorously deduced from this analysis. This extends substantially former results obtained in… CONTINUE READING

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