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Ju l 2 00 5 Influence-free states on compound quantum systems

  title={Ju l 2 00 5 Influence-free states on compound quantum systems},
  author={H. Barnum and C. Fuchs and J. M. Renes and A. Wilce},
  • H. Barnum, C. Fuchs, +1 author A. Wilce
  • Published 2005
  • Consider two spatially separated agents, Alice and Bob, each of whom is able to make local quantum measurements, and who can communicate with each other over a purely classical channel. As has been pointed out by a number of authors, the set of mathematically consistent joint probability assignments (“states”) for such a system is properly larger than the set of quantum-mechanical mixed states for the joint Alice-Bob system. Indeed, it is canonically isomorphic to the set of positive (but not… CONTINUE READING


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