Joyce’s Exile: The Prodigal Son

  title={Joyce’s Exile: The Prodigal Son},
  author={Joseph Kelly},
  journal={James Joyce Quarterly},
  pages={603 - 635}
The more-or-less settled version of James Joyce’s life paints him as a bohemian iconoclast who refused to conform to the conventions of responsibility demanded by middle-class society. A reconsideration of the published biographical evidence and a number of unpublished letters (now at Cornell University) exchanged with his siblings suggest that we should regard Joyce as much more conventional. The crucial years of his growth into maturity were 1903–1906, and, by the time of the infancy of his… 
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Recollections of Joyce

We met in Pola in 1904. Joyce had come from Ireland and I from Florence, both for the same purpose — to teach at the Berlitz School, he, English and I, Italian.