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Journey to Jo'burg

  title={Journey to Jo'burg},
  author={Beverley Naidoo and JoAnne Joyner},
This volume is part of a series of easy reading for GCSE/Key Stage 4 containing a selection of accessible, modern short novels and stories. The series is intended in particular for those teenage readers who find other books difficult or heavy-going. Many cross-curricular themes emerge from the reading: ecology, animal rights, apartheid, Vietnamese boat people, the Nazi persecution of the Jews, physical handicaps, the treatment of women in society and mixed marriages. Each book includes some… 
Engendering equality: From writer to reader
Abstract This paper is a personal exploration by a children's writer and educationalist of (a) the transaction that takes place between writer and reader in the creation and reading of a text; (b)
Expanding Middle School students’ Literacy Skills using the Journey Motif in Three Middle Grade Novels and Short Stories
This paper analyzed three middle grade novels and a short story from two cultures using the journey motif as the vehicle for the analysis. The three novels are Bud Not Buddy and The Watsons Go to
Braving the Dark in Writing for Young People
Beverley Naidoo joined the resistance to apartheid as a student in South Africa, leading to detention without trial and exile to Britain in 1965. She has worked as a teacher, education adviser and
'A well-founded fear' : children's literature about refugees and its role in the primary classroom
This study begins by identifying a new genre in writing for young people which has developed rapidly since the millennium, namely that of children’s literature about refugees. It questions whether
The Growth towards a Truly African Quality in South African Children’s Literature
European readers were thrilled to read about colonial Africa as it offered mystery and that powerful ingredient, adventure. Titles such as R. M. Ballantyne’s The Settler and the Savage are indicative
The journey motif has been used for a very long time in literature beginning with the Greeks. For example, in Oedipus the King , Oedipus in running away from Thebes to forestall the words of the gods
Personal Response and Social Responsibility: Responses of Middle School Students to Multicultural Literature
Because it is often assumed that reading and responding to multicultural literature will help dominant-culture readers value diversity and gain a greater appreciation of their own heritage, it is
Cross-Cultural Misreadings: MacCann and Maddy’s Apartheid and Racism Revisited
�� ��� This issue of The Lion and the Unicorn, with its focus on South Africa, marks a critical occasion in the short history of the international reception and evaluation of South African literature
Teaching Comprehension and Critical Literacy: Investigating Guided Reading in Three Primary Classrooms.
With the introduction of the National Literacy Strategy, England’s primary school teachers were asked to replace ‘‘listening to children read’’–a practice deeply embedded in UK pedagogy–with guided
Accommodating Emotionally Handicapped Children through a Literature-Based Reading Program.
But as he was being shoved into the crate, he looked up at Charlotte and gave her a wink. She knew he was saying good-bye in the only way he could. And she knew her children were safe. "Good-bye!"