Journalism as a Practice

  title={Journalism as a Practice},
  author={Janet. Jones and Lee Salter},
Practice-driven journalism research: Impulses for a dynamic understanding of journalism in the context of its reorganization
This paper proposes a practice-theoretical journalism research approach for an alternate and innovative perspective of digital journalism’s current empirical challenges. The practice-theoretical
The reflective gaze: epistemological contributions to literary journalism in the face of the meta-narrative illusion of the digital age Catalina Gayà Morlà. PhD in Communication and a Serra Hunter teaching fellow in the Department of Media, Communication and Culture (UAB). Researcher for
The Concept of “New Media” Among News Producers
The aim of this study is to understand how Jordanian journalists view social media networks as being related to the news industry and the extent of their dependence on these networks in producing
Changing Journalistic Information-Gathering Practices? Reliability in Everyday Information Gathering in High-Speed Newsrooms
It is generally assumed that the journalists’ strive for reliability of information is taken over by the increased need for speed in today’s newsrooms. However, little empirical evidence supports t...
The Flint water crisis: local reporting, community attachment, and environmental justice
ABSTRACT This study examines local news reporting about the Flint water crisis. The analysis is based on in-depth interviews with local reporters to explore journalistic practices and perceptions of
Ethics and the Media: An Introduction
Now revised and containing several new chapters, this book provides a comprehensive set of ethical principles and methods of reasoning for a new era of digital, global media. It describes the
Navigating the Scholarly Terrain: Introducing the Digital Journalism Studies Compass
Abstract This article by the Digital Journalism Editorial Team surfaces with the explicit ambition to reassess the field of Digital Journalism Studies and map a future editorial agenda for Digital
Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Journalism Students’ Interpretive Repertoires for a Changing Occupation
ABSTRACT Amid ongoing disruption, discourse about journalism increasingly emphasizes innovation within the newsroom and the rise of entrepreneurial initiatives outside it. This article uses the
The Role of Imagination in Literary Journalism
Despite a range of scholars, media ethicists, and practitioners claiming its centrality to journalistic practice, the role of the imagination in literary journalism is somewhat ambiguous and,
Cloaked Facebook pages: Exploring fake Islamist propaganda in social media
This research analyses cloaked Facebook pages that are created to spread political propaganda by cloaking a user profile and imitating the identity of a political opponent in order to spark hateful