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Journalism as Popular Culture Docu-Soap: A new Genre crossing the Border of Fact and Fiction

  title={Journalism as Popular Culture Docu-Soap: A new Genre crossing the Border of Fact and Fiction},
  author={Margret L{\"u}nenborg},
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Data and documentaries: Methodological hybridizations in activism

Hybridization permeates all fields of communication: documentaries are no exception. One example is The Left-to-Die Boat by Forensic Architecture (FA), an audio-visual account of how 63 refugees lost



An American family : a televised life

Nebenfolgen und die Politisierung der Moderne

  • Reflexive Modernisierung. Eine Kontroverse. Suhrkamp (Frankfurt a.M
  • 1996

Tabloid Television: Popular Journalism and the 'Other News'

Fires, floods, accidents, celebrity lifestyles, heroic acts of humble people, cute acts by family pets and the weather. Television's non-news about non-events takes up an increasingly large part of

Bilanz der angloamerikanischen Publikums- und Rezeptionsforschung Probleme mit den Publika

Im englischsprachigen Raum liegen inzwischen zahlreiche Forschungsuberblicke uber die ‚neue Publikumsforschung‘ der Cultural Studies vor. Uberblicke definieren das Feld und sind Teil einer „Politics

A professional, unreliable, heroic marionette (M/F Structure, agency and subjectivity in contemporary journalisms

In this article, journalism in all its popular, educational, sensational, serious and political varieties is examined. This variety is analytically contained by categorizing the field along two

Information, storytelling and attractions: TV journalism in three modes of communication

The competition for the attention of potential audiences, and the problem of audience appeal, has become an increasingly important aspect of TV journalism. The aim of this article is to present a