Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids

  title={Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids},
  author={Jiuling Wang and Haimin Yao and Xinghua Shi},
Interaction of nanoparticles (NPs) with cell membrane is a crucial issue in studying drug delivery, photodynamic therapy system and cytotoxicity. Single NP with relatively small size cannot be fully wrapped by the cell membrane, which prohibits its uptake. One feasible way is cooperative entry, i.e., recruiting and assembling multiple small NPs to form a larger NP cluster to enter into a cell. In this work, we present theoretical analysis about the cooperative entry of multiple NPs. Through… 
Composites of Nanoporous Gold and Polymer
The high strength at small size suggests a search for design strategies that yield high-strength materials exploiting the mechanical properties of metal nanostructures, and nanoporous gold has thus been studied as a model system for size-effects on the plasticity of nanostructure.
Colloidal aggregates tested via nanoindentation and simultaneous 3D imaging
The mechanical properties of aggregated colloids depend on the mutual interplay of inter-particle potentials, contact forces, aggregate structure and material properties of the bare particles. Owing
Computational local stiffness analysis of biological cell: High aspect ratio single wall carbon nanotube tip.
Constrained Hydrogel swelling in Biological Sensors : A Finite Element Method Approach
The anionic material model was shown to reproduce experimental swelling data, while the cationic material model only reproduced the data for ionic strength greater than 100 mM, and a new method for estimating thin-layer properties has been developed.
Geometry-controlled Failure Mechanisms of Amorphous Solids on the Nanoscale
Amorphous solids, confined on the nano-scale, exhibit a wealth of novel phenomena yet to be explored. In particular, the response of such solids to a mechanical load is not well understood and, as
Shape transitions in soft spheres regulated by elasticity.
It is found that generically there is a critical excess surface area at which the isotropic sphere becomes unstable to buckling, and adopts a lower symmetry wrinkled structure that can be described by a spherical harmonic deformation.
Anomalous water and ion dynamics in hydroxyapatite mesopores
Multiscale Experimental Mechanics of Hierarchical Carbon‐Based Materials
Progress made in experimental tools and methods currently used for material characterization across multiple length scales is reviewed, as well as a discussion of how they have impacted the current understanding of the mechanics of hierarchical carbon-based materials.
Time-Scaling in Atomistics and the Rate-Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Nanostructures.
This work uses a simple paradigmatical model of a metallic nanopillar to circumvent the time-scale bottleneck of conventional molecular dynamics and provide novel physical insights into the rate-dependence of mechanical behavior of nanostructures.