Journal of applied biochemistry and microbiology is 40 years old

  title={Journal of applied biochemistry and microbiology is 40 years old},
  author={V. N. Bukin and N. D. Ierusalimsky and A. A. Imshenetsky and A. I. Oparin and V. N. Shaposhnikov and E. G. Afrikyan and T. B. Darkanbaev and G. I. Kvesitadze and A. G. Lobanyuk},
  journal={Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology},
The first issue of the journal appeared in January 1965; Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences V.N. Bukin was appointed its editor-inchief. This was the era when biological science was rising to a new level and the direction, later named biotechnology, was being conceived. A powerful food industry and the manufacture of antibiotics were established by that time and the microbiological industry was emerging. Numerous institutes had become involved in microbiological research. 

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