Journal of Statistical Mechanics: theory and experiment

  title={Journal of Statistical Mechanics: theory and experiment},
  author={Marc M{\'e}zard and F. C. Alcaraz},
Many-body localization stabilizes topological order in random interacting Ising/Majorana chains
We numerically explore Z 2 -symmetric random interacting Ising/Majorana chains at high energy. A very rich phase diagram emerges with two topologically distinct many-body localization (MBL) regimes
An End-to-End Community Detection Model: Integrating LDA into Markov Random Field via Factor Graph
This paper integrates LDA into MRF to form an end-to-end learning system where their parameters can be trained jointly, and shows that this approach compares favorably with the state-of-the-art methods.
Magnetic Field Effects in Low-Dimensional Quantum Magnets
Stochastic Parameterization of Subgrid-Scale Processes: A Review of Recent Physically Based Approaches
We review some recent methods of subgrid-scale parameterization used in the context of climate modeling. These methods are developed to take into account (subgrid) processes playing an important role
Active Random Walks in One and Two Dimensions
We investigate active lattice walks: biased continuous time Random Walks which perform orientational diffusion between lattice directions in one and two spatial dimensions. We study the occupation
Exact closure and solution for spatial correlations in single-file diffusion
In single-file transport particles diffuse in narrow channels while not overtaking each other. it is a fundamental model for the tracer subdiffusion observed in confined systems, such as zeolites or
Overcoming the entanglement barrier in quantum many-body dynamics via space-time duality
Describing non-equilibrium properties of quantum many-body systems is challenging due to high entanglement in the wavefunction. We take an open-quantum-system viewpoint and describe evolution of
Surveying Structural Complexity in Quantum Many-Body Systems
Quantum many-body systems exhibit a rich and diverse range of exotic behaviours, owing to their underlying non-classical structure. These systems present a deep structure beyond those that can be
Bulk anyons as edge symmetries: Boundary phase diagrams of topologically ordered states
We study effectively one-dimensional systems that emerge at the edge of a two-dimensional topologically ordered state, or at the boundary between two topologically ordered states. We argue that
Entropy production and the role of correlations in quantum Brownian motion
We perform a study on quantum entropy production, different kinds of correlations, and their interplay in the driven Caldeira-Leggett model of quantum Brownian motion. The model, taken with a large