Journal of Safety Research – rok 2011 , ročník 42 Číslo 6 ( December 2011 )

  title={Journal of Safety Research – rok 2011 , ro{\vc}n{\'i}k 42 {\vC}{\'i}slo 6 ( December 2011 )},
  author={Dean L. Fixsen and Vicky Scott and Karen A. Blase and Sandra F. Naoom and Lori S Wagar},
Problem: As the evidence-based movement has advanced in public health, changes in public health practices have lagged far behind creating a science to service gap. For example, science has produced effective falls prevention interventions for older adults. It now is clearer WHAT needs to be done to reduce injury and death related to falls. However, issues have arisen regarding HOW to assure the full and effective uses of evidence-based programs in practice. Summary: Lessons learned from the… CONTINUE READING