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Journal of Occupational Health Metabolism of Terbufos in Rat Liver

  title={Journal of Occupational Health Metabolism of Terbufos in Rat Liver},
  author={Li Jin-tong and S. Sheng and Du Xian-lin},
Metabolism of Terbufos in Rat Liver: JinTong LI, et al. Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China, 100850—Biotransformation of terbufos in rat liver revealed four metabolites in the effluent prepared with a C18 cartridge after the rat liver was perfused for one hour in situ. Analysing the spectrogram of GC-IR and GC-MS, metabolite IV appeared to be an oxidative desulfuration product of terbufos with the formula C9H21O3PS2, the recovery of… CONTINUE READING
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