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  title={Journal Citation List for Oxylite},
  author={Epel B Redler and V Tormyshev and Halpern Hj and Nesbitt H Browne and O Gulmez and Donovan Km and Byrne Nm and J Worthington and Mckeown and Mckenna and O Connor and Boult Jp and Jamin Y Jk and M Babur and F. Bruckmann Kg and Williams Kj and Little Ra and A Jackson and Parker Gj and Reynolds Ar and Waterton Jc and Robinson Sp and F Li and J{\o}rgensen Jt and Jonathan Forman and Hansen Ae and A Kjaer and Frank J G{\"u}ndel and Stephanie Drescher and O Thews and K M{\"a}der and Gremonprez F Descamps and A Izmer and C Vanhove and F Vanhaecke and D. J. Wever and W Ceelen and R Hueting and Muschel Rj and D. Eugene Strandness and Bluff Je and Reynolds S Metcalf and T Alizadeh and Kazan Sm and A Bucur and Wholey Eg and B. Nguyen Van Ba and L Williams and Paley Mn and Tozer Gm and Levy Eb and Johnson Cg and Gary P. Jacobs and Woods Dl and Sharma Kv and Bacher Jd and Lewis Al and Dreher Mr and Fleming In and R Manavaki and C West and Harris Al and Domarkas J Lord and C Baldry and Gilbert Fj and Guillaume Collet and Nathalie Lamerant-Fayel and M Tertil and El Hafny-Rahbi and J Stepniewski and Guichard A Foucault-Collet and Klimkiewicz K Petoud and A Matejuk and C Grillon and A Jozkowicz and J Dulak and C Kieda and E Laurens and Z Raykov and Grekova Sp and Gaetan Bour and Lehn Jm and G. W. Na and C Nicolau and M Aprahamian and Bailey Km and Cornnell Hh and A Ibrahim-Hashim and Wojtkowiak Jw and Hart Cp and X Zhang and R Leos and Martinez Gv and Gillies Rj and Tran Lb and B Jordan and Gr{\'e}goire Vand Gallez and Weiss A Van Beijnum and D Bonvin and P Jichlinski and Dyson Pj and Griffioen Aw and Nowak-Sliwinska and Li Cx and Wong Bl and Ling Cc and Ma Yy and Y Shao and W Geng and X Qi and Lau Sh and Kwok Sy and N Wei and Tzang Fc and Ng Kt and Liu Xb and Lo and K Man and Sun Cj and C Li and Lv Hb and C Zhao and Yu Jm and Wang Gh and Luo Yx and Y Li and M Xiao and J Yin and Lang Jy and Skrzypek K Florczyk and Weglarczyk K Was and Henri Collet and A Guichard and T Gil and J Kuzdzal and C Pichon and Hueting R Kersemans and V Gouverneur and Jordan Bf and Magat J Colliez and E Ozel and F. L. Stoddard Ac and V Marchand and L Mignion and B Gallez and Tao Huang and Civelek Ac and H Zheng and Ng Ck and X Duan and J Li and Postel Gc and B Shen and Li Xf and Julia Pagan and B Przybyla and A Jamshidi-Parsian and K Gupta and Griffin Rj and L Ming and Camac Sn and Mitchell Ca and C Ward and Waugh Dj and J Magat and O Schakman and E Marbaix and Coudyzer P Lemoine and C Galant and M Nisolle and Courtoy Pj and P Henriet and Brigitte Collet and N Lamerant-Fayel and J Kotlinowski and Fylaktakidou Kc and Vidal A Auzeloux and P Miot-Noirault and E Beloeil and Jc and K Skrzypek and Golda S Ciesla and Weglarczyk K Collet and L Muchova and L Vitek and A Loboda and Mickael Deschepper and M Manassero and Oudina K Paquet and M Le and V Gr{\'e}goire and Thrall De and Maccarini P Stauffer and P Macfall and James Hauck and Michael Snyder and Case B Linder and L Lan and Emmanouil Fokas and M Yoshimura and R Prevo and G Higgins and W Hackl and Maira Sm and Bernhard Ej and Mckenna Wg and N Byrne and S Camac and C Mitchell and D Waugh and S Mckeown and C Ellingsen and Ovreb{\o} Km and K Galappathi and B Mathiesen and Rofstad Ek and Myers Al and Orr Ws and Denbo Jw and Ng Cy and Jianye Zhou and Y Spence and J Wu and Davidoff Am and F Meng and Evans Jw and Bhupathi D Banica and Lan L Lorente and Duan Jx and X Cai and M. Shodiq Am and Guise Cp and A Maroz and Anderson Rf and Patterson Av and Stachelek Gc and Glazer Pm and Matteucci and A Carreau and I Serganova and A Rizwan and X Ni and Thakur Sb and J Vider and J Russell and R Blasberg and Koutcher Ja}
(2015). Pretreatment with VEGF(R)-inhibitors reduces interstitial fluid pressure, increases intraperitoneal chemotherapy drug penetration, and impedes tumor growth in a mouse colorectal carcinomatosis model. (2015). A dual radiolabelling approach for tracking metal complexes: investigating the speciation of copper bis(thiosemicarbazonates) in vitro and in vivo. (2015). Measurement of the acute metabolic response to hypoxia in rat tumours in vivo using magnetic resonance spectroscopy and… CONTINUE READING


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Conjugatable water-soluble Pt(II) and Pd(II) porphyrin complexes: novel nano- and molecular probes for optical oxygen tension measurement in tissue engineering.

  • Photochemical & photobiological sciences : Official journal of the European Photochemistry Association and the European Society for Photobiology
  • 2014

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