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1. Sutton, L., Karan, A., Mahal, A., (2014) “Evidence for cost-effectiveness of lifestyle primary preventions for cardiovascular disease in the Asia-Pacific Region: A systematic review”. Globalization and Health, 10:79. 2. Karan, A.,Selvaraj, S., Mahal, A., (2014) “Moving to universal coverage? Trends in the burden of out-of-pocket payments for health care across social groups in India, 1999-2000 to 2011-12.” PLOS ONE (10.1371/journal.pone.0105162). 3. Karan, A., Engelgau M and Mahal A., (2014… Expand


Infections Acquired in the Hospital
    4 Antibiotic Use in Hospitals t any given time, 25 to 35 percent of hospitalized patients are receiving sys-temic antibiotics (Eickhoff, 1991) to treat active infections or to prevent potentialExpand
    Enhancing Helping Behavior: An Integrative Framework for Promotion Planning
    Charitable organizations play a vital role in our society, as is evidenced by their enormous economic and social impact. Yet, for many of them, soliciting adequate resources to carry out theirExpand
    Sleep apnea and hypertension.
    The findings of the present study suggest a possible mediating role of the peripheral chemosensitivity in the association between sleep apnea and hypertension. Expand
    Evaluation of the TEOM method for measurement of ambient particulate mass in urban areas.
    The Rupprecht and Patashnick Tapered Element Oscillating MicroBalance (TEOM) method for PM is compared with time-integrated gravimetric (manual) PM methods in large urban areas during different seasons. Expand
    Market Segmentation in the 21st Century Discrete Solutions to Continuous Problems
    Market segments exlst because of informahon and cost constramts If manufacturers had accurate individual-level demand informahon and the abllity to produce and deliver unique products at low cost,Expand
    Enhancing Memory of Television Commercials through Message Spacing
    Though advertising repetition is a frequently used marketing strategy, its effects are not well understood. The authors report findings from a laboratory experiment in which they investigated theExpand
    Measurements comparison of oxygenated volatile organic compounds at a rural site during the 1995 SOS Nashville Intensive
    Simultaneous measurements of oxygenated volatile organic compounds (OVOCs) by four independent research groups at the Youth Incorporated (YI) site during the 1995 Southern Oxidants Study NashvilleExpand
    Limited Search and Environmental Regularities : Evaluating the Process Coherence of Take-the-best
    Heuristic decision-making models, like take-the-best, rely on environmental regularities. They conduct a limited search, and ignore available information, by assuming there is structure in theExpand
    Initial field evaluation of the Harvard active ozone sampler for personal ozone monitoring
    Assessing personal exposure to ozone has only been feasible recently with the introduction of passive ozone samplers. These devices are easy to use, but changes in air velocity across theirExpand
    Observations of Transport Processes for Ozone and Ozone Precursors during the 1991 Lake Michigan Ozone Study
    Abstract The Lake Michigan Air Quality Region (LMAQR) continues to experience ozone concentrations in urban and rural areas above the federal standard of 125 ppb. During the summer of 1991, the LMAQRExpand