author={Joshua Lunn},
  journal={Past, Present, Future},
  • Joshua Lunn
  • Published 1 January 2000
  • Biology, Psychology, Medicine
  • Past, Present, Future
Recent advances have made the discovery of genetic susceptibility loci for complex human phenotypes a reality, including nervous system disorders. The critical next step will be to definitively identify the responsible genes and understand their functions in both health and disease. Our research integrates genetic investigation in human subjects and model organisms, with the goal of understanding brain function and aging, and improving the treatment of neurologic disease. We focus on Alzheimer… 
Molecular structure and vibrational assignments of L-tyrosine: a detailed experimental and density functional theoretical study
Introduction Urolithiasis is a relatively common condition in humans. Dietary habits are considered the prime reasons for urolithiasis. During the last half of this century its prevalence has
The centrality of land to the identity and livelihood of a people is unquestionable. Land has been used from time immemorial to promote economic growth, human development and spiritual development of
What was Considered to be Apostasy by the Chronicler, and how does it Relate to Deuteronomic Law?
It is well-known that the Chronicler used very specific terminology to give expression to what was considered to be apostasy. The term מעל is very prominent in this regard (although it never
The Gibeonite Exception
In this article I read the narrative of the Gibeonites' deception in Joshua 9 with the help of Giorgio Agamben's logic of sovereignty. I argue that the Gibeonites are simultaneously included and
The meaning of the biblical Hebrew verbal conjugation from a crosslinguistic perspective
One of the questions that have challenged scholars of BH for many years is whether the language should be regarded as a tense, aspectual or modal language. In this thesis, I argue that the lack and
Although the book of Joshua is often read as being hostile to non-Israelites, this paper argues that its concern is not with ethnicity but rather with the nature of someone’s relationship to Yahweh.
The emptiness of Judah in the exilic and early Persian period
The Old Testament verbal expression of ‘the exile of Judah’ during the Babylonian exile has led to the perception that the land of Judah was emptied of all Judeans. This biblical expression is not
Music Therapy: Diversity, challenge and impact
Throughout the centuries, music in its many forms has been utilised in various celebrations, rites and rituals, war and victory, grief and mourning, and general community life (Best & Huttar, 1975;
Barack Obama, the Exodus Tradition, and the Joshua Generation
This essay explores Barack Obama's invocation of the Exodus during his 2008 presidential campaign. It argues Obama's turn to Exodus, his rare embodiment of Joshua, and his renewal of the American


The different effects of apoptosis and DNA repair on tumorigenesis.
Focusing on individual cell lineages, the waiting time before tumorigenesis in the presence of varying degrees of apoptosis and DNA repair is calculated and it is found that the loss of DNA repair or the lossof apoptosis both hasten tumors, but in characteristically different ways.
Codon bias and selection on single genomes
It is argued that the method that Plotkin and colleagues claim can detect selection without the need for comparative data depends on assumptions that confound their conclusions and that, even if these assumptions were valid, the authors' inferences about adaptive natural selection are unjustified.
Hemagglutinin sequence clusters and the antigenic evolution of influenza A virus
A method for predicting future dominant HA amino acid sequences is introduced and its potential relevance to vaccine choice is discussed, as well as the relationship between cluster structure and the primary antibody-combining regions of the HA protein.
Major Transitions in Language Evolution
This paper uses mathematical models to analyzethe major transitions in language evolution and discusses the evolution ofcoordinated associations between signals and objects in a population, and analyzes the population dynamics of words and the adaptive emergence of syntax.
The evolution of syntactic communication
A model for the population dynamics of language evolution is presented, the basic reproductive ratio of words and the maximum size of a lexicon are defined and the number of required signals exceeds a threshold value is calculated.
The evolutionary language game.
This work explores how evolutionary game dynamics have to be modified to accomodate a mathematical framework for the evolution of language and provides a simple explanation why homonomy is common while synonymy is rare.
Predicting species diversity in tropical forests.
  • J. Plotkin, M. Potts, P. Ashton
  • Environmental Science
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 2000
An extended model of the species-area relationship is developed, which enables us to predict large-scale species diversity from small-scale data samples more accurately than any other available method.
Language evolution and information theory.
A general model of word formation is developed and the connection between the error limit and Shannon's noisy coding theorem is demonstrated.
The Archaeology of Palestine
(5) L'Anthropologie, t. x x , p. 1 ; xxii, p. 641 ; xxiii, p. $ 2 9 ; xxvi, |>. 3 1 3 ; xx ix , p. 2. L ' A b b e Breuil. Les Peintures rupestres de la Peninsule Iberique. (6) El Arte rupestre en
The Province-List of Judah
Since ALT 1) published the profound essay in which he recognized in the town list of the southern tribes a complete list of the administrative districts of the Kingdom of Judah, few scholars have