Josephson effect in multiterminal superconductor-ferromagnet junctions coupled via triplet components

  title={Josephson effect in multiterminal superconductor-ferromagnet junctions coupled via triplet components},
  author={Andreas Moor and Anatoly F. Volkov and Konstantin B. Efetov},
  journal={Physical Review B},
On the basis of the Usadel equation we study a multiterminal Josephson junction. This junction is composed by ``magnetic'' superconductors ${\mathrm{S}}_{\text{m}}$, which have singlet pairing and are separated from the normal n wire by spin filters so that the Josephson coupling is caused only by fully polarized triplet components. We show that there is no interaction between triplet Cooper pairs with antiparallel total spin orientations. The presence of an additional singlet superconductor S… 
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