Joseph Rotblat: The Nuclear Physicist

  title={Joseph Rotblat: The Nuclear Physicist},
  author={John L. Finney},
‘‘I don’t know if you have met Rotblat, a Pole who has been here about nine months. He is an extremely able man, one of the best I have come across for some years.’’1) So wrote the discoverer of the neutron, James Chadwick, to John Cockcroft at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, in 1940. Over the ten years or so that Rotblat spent working with Chadwick and in the Liverpool University Physics Department, Chadwick’s initial assessment only grew. So much so that Chadwick tried hard to dissuade… 

Joseph Rotblat: influences, scientific achievements and legacy

Joseph Rotblat was one of the most distinguished nuclear physicists and peace campaigners of the post Second World War period. His peace activities rank alongside those of Albert Einstein and

Joseph Rotblat and the Moral Responsibilities of the Scientist

Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat was one of the most distinguished scientists and peace campaigners of the post second war period and his views on the moral responsibilities of the scientist are outlined.

Joseph Rotblat: Moral Dilemmas and the Manhattan Project

John Fitzgerald Kennedy famously said, “One man can make a difference and every man should try.”1 Joseph Rotblat (1908–2005) was the quintessence of Kennedy’s conviction. He was the only scientist